They are one of the first things people notice about us – our teeth. No self-respecting celebrity would be seen without a sparkling set, and advances in dental technology mean there is now no reason why yours shouldn’t look great too.

Poor dental hygiene leads to plaque building up on the teeth and hardening into a brittle substance called tartar, which pushes down under the gum-line. This environment provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which thrive, causing disease.

In the early stages, this infection is called gingivitis. Gums become red and swollen due to inflammation, which is the body’s natural response to the presence of harmful bacteria. Approximately one in five of us at any time have some kind of gum disease.

A Tooth is for Life, Not Just Your Teenage Years

  1. See your Hygienist at regular recall intervals as advised. This is the key to a Healthy Mouth.
  2. Daily Flossing & Brushing, at least twice a day, before or after mealtimes, as advised.
  3. Use a rotary toothbrush, like the SoniCare or the Braun.
  4. Use a Fluoride gel or Fluoride Mouthwash.
  5. Keep up your Preventive Care at home. Use recommended aids.
  6. Avoid misusing your teeth, like stripping cables, or biting your nails.
  7. Protect your teeth. Get a Mouthguard if you play sports.
  8. Please get Dental Problems attended to early. Don’t leave them to later.
  9. Maintain your investment in your mouth! Don’t waste your time and money.
  10. Attend your Dentists Recall Examination when advised.

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